uzbek silk

work series from 2012
made with processing
holger lippmann @ behance





whyt would you make a divine rapier

because you’re xboct


I can’t draw anything today >:/ soooo please accept this delivery of class-sketched orc girlfriends.

holy shit no one’s taken the url 56knoway???

its mine now

next time you have one of those “awesome comeback comes to you days after the fact” moments, rephrase as a tumblr post informing people to say it “next time you have [X]” and rake in hella notes

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fate is just taunting me now

I think that’s why the new Cloud Nothings record is vibing with me hard rn

It feels to me like it’s about finally processing angst Young Adult Existential Problems now that you’re in your twenties

Saaaaame. Been thinkin about the weird arbitrary shit I did as a late teen a lot cause I’m in a similar transitional state in my life as I was then.

Except this time I’m working on not being aggressively “unto myself” and anti-social

Yeah, yeah, like an ineffable individual or unique character to a piece of art and not the form or structure is what’s immediately interesting to me

And then eventually because of the vibrance of that personality that’s when I begin to consider it structurally and historically

Like most of the Deep Thoughts I have about art (and really most things in life) come long after I’ve experienced it. Like it takes so long to process what makes it interesting art in the first place